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5 Essential Steps To A Refreshing Dry Hair & Scalp, Wash Day Routine

Stylist says, "The weather is crisp, and so is your hair."

"I just shampooed it yesterday why is my hair so dry?" replies the client.

How do you know when your hair is dry? Is there a difference between dry hair and dry scalp? Which one gets dry first?

This age old question is similar to a popular one about a chicken and its offspring but there is no absolute answer. Therefore we will give you the most informative understanding we have.

The signs of dry scalp typically looks ashy, flaky, and tight! Dry scalp is uncomfortable during hairstyling and no matter what product is applied its instantly absorbed. When handling dry scalp its important to not scratch the areas with aggression. Scratching the scalp creates bruising and irritation when soothing agents are applied.

Example: Scratching your scalp before color/relaxers = scalp on fire!

The answer to which came first? The scalp!

Dry scalp is your skin, with hair on it. Skin makes up 98% of our bodies and dry scalp is skin with hair on it! Dry scalp does have a solution that is internal. In order to produce more moisturized skin its important to drink plenty of water. Doctors recommend drinking half of our body weight in ounces. Take these steps to prevent dry scalp which eventually causes dry hair:

  •  Drink half your body weight in water. Drinking enough water/or fruits high in H302, and eating healthy fats like omega 3s will flush the kidneys properly and leave behind minerals & nutrition to coat the scalp.

  • Massage scalp once a week for up to 5 mins while fingering your hair with water based products

  • Stop using oils after your shampoo, oil before!.

Notice the diagram: Dry scalp produces flakes that are white like ash. Then the dry hair flakes more off the scalp and along the hair shaft til its snowing on your clothes.

Dry hair looks brittle, dull, and frizzy.

Notice how dry dandruff lifts from the scalp? Apply this evidence that the scalp is dry. Its a sign that the scalp is dry, and when your scalp signals dandruff here is a suitable routine to help heal it and prevent it from returning sooner.

  • Detangle with 1/4 ACV & 3/4 water. Allow to set on hair for up to 10 mins, then detangle with a wide tooth comb or a wide back detangling brush.

  • Mix 1 tbs of warmed honey, to a hydrating mask of your choice. Allow the mask to set up to 15 mins.

  • Shampoo the hair twice with steam & aloe vera juice

  • Stir a teaspoon of glycerin into the conditioner.

  • Styling products should include lanolin. *This will draw water continuously to hair

I hope this helps to get ahead of dry scalp and hair issues. Let us know in the comments, which do you suffer most?


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