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Hair Gels: The Inside Scoop

💦 Is the product dripping down your wrist? If the answer is “no“ your efforts will be worthless when it dries. The following grades of hair need the most when wet styling: COARSE, HIGH-BALANCED POROSITY, THICK. If your hair falls anywhere else your hair can use gel, but your FINE, LOW POROSITY, THIN hair would love and prefer a curly pudding instead. Which hair type are you? Can you tell which row used gel vs curling cream?

Using a climate controlled gel, humectant based gel, and non alcoholic setting lotion will enhance your wet styles beyond 3 days or more❕Using hair gel during styling is designed to add hold, and create definition to kinks and curls. Before applying gel it’s best recommended to saturate your hair with water and setting lotion.

#Ouidad (9/10) - Best slip effect, light weight, drys clear, reapplyable after 2-3 days without buildup. Lots of shrinkage because the minimal density within the ingredience.

#UncleFunkysDaughter (10/10) - Best for less shrinkage and more weight! This gel will elongate your curls. The ingredients are stellar. Takes a long time to dry. Hair must be soaking wet!

#EcoStyler (6/10) Great hold. Drys fast. Too sticky and thick. Leaves hair hard and the shrinkage is tighhht!

#EdgeBooster (4/10) Smells delicious. Great packaging. Drys fast, Formula had too much alcohol. Maybe it was the type I choose?

These gels were chosen for loose, fine, thin, curls, with high porosity. Most gels would work on this grade of hair but overall because of its structure. The gel with the best slip, and hold without dryness is the results we are seeking. Video with audio: @maneaffairstudio

Flaxseed Gel also improves blood circulation in the scalp, which promotes scalp health. Psorisis, Esema, & Pre Existing scalp conditions you have not been left behind. Theres a way to achieve a wet style on your mane without the bad build up or scalp tightness. Flaxseed gel is a type of conditioner made by processing flaxseeds (Alsi or Linseeds). It is rich in omega-three fatty acids, vitamin E and magnesium. It helps in improving your hair while also providing shine and hold. Research suggests that Flaxseeds are rich in vital nutrients like Vitamins B, E, iron, magnesium, etc. It conditions and nourishes your skin and hair to grow stronger and healthier.

Flaxseed gel is a natural moisturizer as studies suggest that Flaxseeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that have healing and moisturizing properties. Flaxseed oil repairs damaged and brittle hair follicles and removes dead cells. The Omega 3 fatty acid components in flaxseeds that exhibit an anti-inflammatory response and block the conversion of linoleic acid, an inflammatory element.

Watch as CURL MIX reveal how to make Flaxseed Gel on dry brittle curly hair: The results are amazing!



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