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             HAIR LOSS CASES

Hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, refers to a loss of hair from part of the head or body



Scalp Assessment

Scalp conditions like Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Folliculitis and Excessive Dandruff are a reflection of what's going on underneath the surface of your skin and inside your body. Shampoos can only go so far. We go beyond the typical methods to nurse your scalp condition back to optimal health. Our protocol utilizes the power of Ultraviolet Light and Therapeutic Grade Topicals along with powerful Restorative Herbs to deliver micro-circulation and anti-fungal and antibacterial metabolites that restore balance and healthy scalp!

Reset Follicles

Reseting your follicles starts the day you say "yes" to restoring your scalp health, but it is never ending. This is a chance for you to start new, and remain faithful. Our systems utilizes the power of LLT (Low Light Therapy), Therapeutic Grade Topicals, along with our arrangement of powerful Restorative Herbs to deliver micro-circulation and anti-fungal and antibacterial metabolites that restore balance and healthy scalp!


The more you know about your scalp, the better care you will have for it. This is the foundation of all things hair care, and its blessing to have healthy hair as long as possible. During your consultation appointment there will be an opportunity for both you and your specialist, to discuss helpful possiblities to why your hair and scalp are suffering. You bring the questions & we'll assist with the answers.


Dance, scream, shout! Manifest joy, as we celebrate your bravery. Tackling scalp conditions can appear lonely when there's minimal resourses, but we will celebrate every stand with you! Our most recommended method to remain in bliss is to join any of our prevention plans. This will allow you to do your part, as we do ours. We do the most, while you do less!

Therapeutic Cleansing

How does warm suds foaming on your scalp, following by aroma therapy along your hairline while a tintilizing vibration stimulate your follicles with every breath sound? This is what the importance of cleansing your scalp feels like at Mane Affair Studio. Our updated technology, combined with holistic cleansing agents that are designed to balance your scalps' PH and restore your follicles natural sebum levels. Shampooing at home will never be the same...

Plan & Regimen

Whats a goal without a plan? Soccer! Thankfully there's a method to our mane-ness and it includes a personilized plan and regimen designed just for you! Our clinically effective plans & regimens are not only injection and drug free, but are on the cutting edge of scientific data proven to rejuvenate balance and health to your scalp. Check out our testimonies from real clients for more clarity.


Witness honest results from real clients. All plans & programs require commitment up to 90 days for transformation.

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