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Heard Of Swimmer's Ear, What About Swimmer's Hair?

Alright now manes. I understand, swimming is an important factor during the summer but lets remember who we are... we are black women, with textured hair!

What does that mean? That means you are allowed to swim according to these following best recommended scenarios:

1.) Swim on wash days because immediately following your swim you should be shampooing your hair. Please do not sleep & neglect your swimmers hair just because it was wet doesn't mean its clean. Wet, chloride hair contains breakage that will occur sooner than later. Chlorine is 11-13PH making your hair weak and brittle.

2.) Saturating your hair in oil, cream, & butter will NOT work. This will cause your hair to become more dry and you'll STILL have to shampoo it immediately afterwards. Instead, saturate your hair with filtered/tap water before entering the pool/ocean. This will cause your hair to absorb the more familiar water causing the strands to get full and unable to penetrate any high PH water.

3.) Use clarifying shampoo twice, followed by moisturizing shampoo once. Deep condition with a processing cap for 10-15 mins and rinse with cold water. This is the perfect summer wash day! We also recommend using the same linage of product brands since they were made together designed to use for each other.

Visit our store and shop for all three tools. Stay safe, & enjoy your swim!


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