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"She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not."

The winter season makes it unpredictable of what attitude to give your hair when waking up. Will it be too cold for a "wash and go"? Do you want to take that risk and call off work sick? Regardless, we are in the winter season which means our textured hair is consistently dry!

Here is Mane Affairs' Rose Water recipe used during the winter season. (Jan-Mar) 

DIY: Gather the following ingredients:

An 8 oz spray bottle

6 oz of distilled water (if your tap water is hard)

1 tbs of vegetable glycerine 

5 drops of rose hemp oil

Prepare "ROSE WATER" moisture solvent 24hrs prior to spraying it on your hair. When using, Section hair into 4 quads, spray hair until damp NOT soaking wet! Use fingers to spread throughout your hair, then create your natural style accordingly.

Rose Water benefits: Soothes skin irritation.Reduces scalp redness. Helps treats infections. Contains antioxidants therefore it heals cuts, scars, and burns. Enhances mood.

Using Rose Water daily for up to 7 days your hair will appreciate the difference during the dry seasons. Oh and if it lands on your face that's great, its good for skin also preferably overnight!

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