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Androgenic Alopecia | Hair Loss

There are many factors that cause female pattern baldness. This guide will help you to understand. What are the real reasons behind the female pattern baldness?

What Causes Female Pattern Baldness? We get it. Female pattern baldness isn't cool. Your hair is a part of your beauty, your crown, and glory. Losing it -- when you don't want to -- puts you in a lot of distress. If you’re dealing with hair loss, you’re not alone. Research shows that up to 40% of people who experience hair loss in the U.S are women. There are many factors responsible for hair loss in women, ranging from inherited genes, over-production of DHT, childbirth, anemia, medications to menopause.

You will begin to notice AGA [also known as ‘Androgenic Alopecia’] as it causes the hair to start thinning out around the crown. Since many factors trigger hair loss, you should visit a specialist for an in-depth diagnosis.

The 3 Stages of Hair Loss in Women Most female pattern baldness conditions are quite visible during menopause or after childbirth. This form of hairless is identical to male pattern baldness except that the frontal hairline isn't affected. Experts have identified three distinct stages of hair loss in women; Stage 1: Hair on the top portion [around the hair partition] starts thinning out Stage 2: The hair partition starts widening as there’s more thinning Stage 3: The hair thinning continues and causes some part of the scalp to be visible

Can We Blame Genetics for Hair Loss Too?

Like we've mentioned, many factors can cause hair loss but sometimes, these factors are confused as ‘just genetics’. True, female pattern baldness can affect you if you’re genetically inclined to it. But this is when you have genes that make your hair follicles prone to damage [like the DHT [male] hormone]. In this case, your hair follicles produce thinner hair and its anagen [or growth phase] reduces from 3 years to a few weeks or months. As a result, the telogen [or the falling] phase increases, causes more irreversible hair fall and more scalp visibility. So, What Can You Do About Female Pattern Baldness? Depending on the cause of your hair loss and its severity, there are few chances of reversing female pattern baldness. But we offer several programs and products that help you deal with hair loss and scalp issues here at Mane Affair Studio including:

  • Growth Stimulation- We never use needle injections, instead we topically apply growth factors directly to the understimulated areas triggering hair growth stimulators directly on the first layer of skin reaching the epidermis of the scalp.

  • Laser Therapy- Studies show that laser or low-level light therapy is helpful for your hair. That’s why we have both clinical and hand-held laser therapy treatments available.

  • Mesotherapy - helps to rejuvenate dormant hair follicles by increasing oxygen and nutrients supply to the scalp. This biological process is quite similar to Minoxidil but unlike Minoxidil, hair loss won’t resume when you stop using it.

  • Hair Vitamins - These products aid hair growth either by blocking DHT and/or providing the vitamins and minerals that make for quality hair growth. These products can be taken orally or applied topically.

  • Hair and Scalp Cleansing - These products are enhanced to give your hair and scalp the nutrients they need without adding harmful chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate, cocamide DEA or alcohols, usually found in 95% of shampoos

  • DHT Blockers - These are products that either interfere with the conversion of Testosterone to Di-hydro testosterone (DHT) or help block DHT from binding with your hair follicle. See why our products are different and better than others.

Most shampoos strip your hair of its essential oils that hair needs, while ours don’t. Like always, regular hair/scalp hygiene + nutrition is your first step towards healthier, thicker, and fuller hair.

Are you surviving Androgentic Alopecia and would like to get help? Schedule an appointment today and lets change that:


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