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Black Owned American

"Black, The color of a dark hue marinated in contrast to disguise light. Owned, To have in one's' possession; belonging to. In America, A border of land lived on by an arsenal of nouns, and pronouns living simultaneously under God's sovereignty. So why is it so hard to be treated humane on a piece of land founded by colorful people under one control? My answer will ask you a question and by that question it will offer you an answer. The question is, Who/What are you first?

I've been a woman of color my entire life. I have experienced discrimination several days of my life. The one that stood out most was during the end of my teenage years. I was driving on a beautiful summer day with a white friend of mine. She wasn't feeling well so I offered to drive her car as we headed to get her home. While going southbound on the other side of the street an officer going northbound and I made eye contact as we passed each other. Instead of participating in crime that would help the community he decided to bust a U Turn in the middle of the street to pull us over. I didn't do anything wrong besides be in the worst part of town during the wrong time of the day. As he questioned our route and possession of the vehicle my friend did most of the talking as I confidently waited for him to release us for an unnecessary stop. Instead 12 mins later i was handcuffed and in the back of his car going to jail. This was my first arrest and I was terrified. The entire time the officer kept insisting that I had a warrant for my arrest and without being educated I allowed him to kidnap me under false charges.

I was bonded out hours later by my friend, and the moment she approached me she hugged me so tight saying how afraid she was for me because they asked her why she was bailing me out. It took 29 years to discover what systematic racism looked like in America and how owning black and being black owned divide the ________ full line into a _ _ _ _ dotted line. My entire life I was educated and encouraged to be wiser than myself, im my only competition. I am my own ownership, and now in 2020 establishing that I am of Black Ownership. Thank you to anyone who has recognized and supported me in any form.


Collectively black people have always supported one another throughout history. Its loving each other that we have a hard time with. Letting each other know the difference of an act of righteousness and evil while being the best example of growth we have to offer. 2020 has shifted the paradigm of life as we knew it and if you are black in America find resources that can create ownership for you and your families for generational wealth because the time is NOW! Collect resources (lawyers, farmers, accountants, carpenders, etc...) because we all have something important worth contributing to moving these efforts forward & pouring into one another. Support a black owned business!

So when i'm asked who/what are you first? I am a God fearing, woman of deep brown skin, living in the fruit of the spirit, and the flesh of a Chief Executive Operations while residing in America. Create a title for yourself that you are proud of, then stand on it righteously! All lives can't matter if black lives don't."

Drop your black owned business in the comments below. We want to support you!



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